Competencies analysis for multicriteria career decision-making in post-pandemics

As part of the competencie analysis, we are going to map career-related competencies in relation to green, sustainable, digitalized and interdisciplinary job profiles, indentifiying the missing competencies for future career opportunities among young people and talk to focus groups.

Architecture of DECIDE web app

We will design and implement a web-app as a baseline for the e-guide content for young people to obtain the required knowledge and gain competencies even when they can not physically participate in competencies consultations. The e-materials that are easily accessible via mobile phone will provide free and quick access to knowledge for these individuals by offering DECIDE e-guide and self-evaluating tool for their existing competencies and feedback on their gaps.

DECIDE e-guide and self evaluation multicriteria competencies tool for future career choices among youth

We will develop a DECIDE e-guide, containing presentations of the future job profiles, based on the current post-pandemic labour market demand and a self-evaluation multicriteria competencies tool for career decision making with personalized results, based on user's competencies inputs and interests. The abovementioned e-material will be integrated into the DECIDE web app.